Like most of the modern population of the USA I live in a major metropolitain area. Each morning I walk out my door and head downtown as part of the ritualistic process we know as "going to work". Once again this process is repeated later in the day with it's companion ritual "getting your ass home". During both these daily practices I find myself accosted by the elements of a strata of urbanite society which is unable to generate adequate income to fulfill their daily needs. They approach with a pitiable expression and ask me for comestibles, currency, and other such fare... to which, depending partly on whim and partly on how many of their brethren have previously approached me, I either grant or deny their request. More often it is denied and I continue my daily journies with my pockets abulge with coinage and my pack full of cigarettes. However I grow weary of having to address each individual and have devised a garment with which to answer all their questions, it reads:
I'm just as tired,
hungry, broke, and
craving for alcohol
and nicotine as you are