Here is the version of the recipie from The Thorough Good Cook

Soups: 36. Cauliflower Soup (Potage a la Puree de Chouxfleurs)

Boil three large white cauliflowers in slightly salted water until quite tender; chop them very fine; put a quarter of a pound of butter into a stew-pan; one leek, one head of celery (in slices), a quarter of a pound of ham, and two bay-leaves; pass them ten minutes over a quick fire; add the cauliflowers and three tablespoonfuls of flour; mix well; add three quarts of white stock, and one ditto of boiled milk; stir it until boiling; rub it through a tammy; boil, and skim well; season with a teaspoonful of sugar, half ditto of salt, finish with an "alliance" of two yolks of eggs, mixed with a gill of cream; pour the soup into the tureen; have a cauliflower boiled, and cut into twenty small sprigs; put these into the soup, but be sure not to break them.