Scientific Progress Goes "Boink" is the sixth Calvin and Hobbes collection that Bill Watterson released. It was published in 1991, and stands out as one of the best collections of strips.

There are many good strips in this book.

This book introduces the concept of Calvinball, as well as featuring the Very Sorry Song. This book also features many good stories. There is the story in which Calvin begins to uncontrollably grow, Calvin attempts to play on the baseball team (which he obviously doesn't excel at). There are also two stories featuring Rosalyn, his babysitter. He also turns his cardboard box into a time machine, and uses it to travel back to the jurassic. And, the name of the book comes from the story in which Calvin makes the same cardboard box into a duplicator (the button makes a "boink" sound, prompting Hobbes to utter the phrase that makes up the title).

Naturally, it is a hilarious book.