A name that was created by a Christian oriented group known as Alternatives for Simple Living for the [commercialization of Christmas. This organization was formed in 1973, and they use the word "Consumas" to refer to the cycle of overconsuming during Christmas. According to this group, the two holidays (Christmas and Consumas) don't even occupy the same period. Consumas starts on the day after Thanksgiving, and ends on December 25, (or the 24th), whereas the Christian holiday begins with the first Sunday in Advent, and stretches until January 6, and the coming of the wise men.

The two holidays have different themes and heroes. Christmas has Jesus' love and Jesus, while Consumas has spending money on gifts and Santa Claus (or is it Satan Claus?). Alternatives for Simple Living even believes that the moniker is a good one. After all, the "spirit" of Consumas can "consume us."

Personally, I think that this whole idea is a little bit extreme.

These pinkos aren't even American! (TWAJS).