All God's Children

I have five children, and three wives. If I lived in Utah I would be behind the social power curve. But I live in Dallas, where I seem to be status quo. Not all children come from the same mothers. And some of my wives decided to place an "ex" before their status. So what does that tell me....I only date crazy women.

Now my children, they all have the same father. Being the dominant male, as I am told I am, then I should have the dominant genes. Or atleast my limited lummox mentality tells me so. Ok, that and all my wives expressing the same when my children do something they don't approve...."Just like their father"..or "Go take care of your child" are my fatherly mantras. The most popular one I am told is "They are that way because of your genetics. You act the same way, I just can't spank you!" How I wish that weren't so.

I can handle my children running around and thinking that everything is made of Leggos, just pull on it or hit it hard enough. And the fact that they were told not to do something less than a minute ago and yet they are doing it now doesn't bother me (ok, so when I am trying to use the restroom and one of my two daughters wants to open the door for a philosophical talk on the location of the Shrek tape does get tiresome). But all in all, they do behave as I do. And yes, I do get an extra special warmth inside when I get calls from my first wife saying my two sons are driving her insane.

So I sit and admire my children, but condemn their bloodline. For their father is a cruel and mean bastard. My oldest son was born with a heart defect that required surgery at one week of age. Today, he is expected to die when he hits puberty. Don't ask me why, I don't understand what the doctors are saying when their lips are moving. Child number three died instead of being born. His sister lived, but is fighting Cancer now and slowly dying inside.

Now my current, and God I hope last, wife wants us to have a third child. So basically she wants me to bring happiness into the world to gamble on what cruel and untimely death I can bring upon it without even knowing it. Not a happy way to look at the world, but a truth none the less.

Everyday, we (the united population of Earth) pollute and pervert our planet and society to a point that I find myself wondering if the luckiest child of mine will turn out to be my third one. And I am the leader of this perversion, for I have child with Cancer and I still smoke. That is true hypocricy - Save my daughter while I kill myself.

Do I want another child?...Yes.

Do I want them to suffer?..No.

Well, I agreed to the effort, we are going to try for another child. Now I know how God felt when he decided to create my life.