No matter how many times you save the world it always manages to get back in jeopardy again. I feel like the maid, I just cleaned up this mess! C-can you keep it clean for ten minutes? -- Mr. Incredible

My family's watching the trailer for the upcoming Pixar(Toy Story, Finding Nemo) computer animated film, and I realize I haven't grinned like this in years. The last time was before Lord of the Rings, when the Spider-Man trailer came on and my ex and I just looked at each other and cheered with that "they took something we love and they're not going to screw it up" sound. It's three years later, its my family and an iMac and I'm the only one in the room who cares about superheroes... but its the same grin and the same laughs.

Elastigirl (Holly Hunter) has just given a speech about competing with the "big dogs. Boys. Whatever." Now she's striding across the landscape, a living rubber band in red, flipping and leaping onto a pipe, moving with the joy and freedom of somebody who realizes she's been liberated from the normal constraints of the body and is, indeed, a hero.

The movie doesn't come out until the 5th of November 2004, and I may get it later. It doesn't matter-- the trailer brought more joy to the family then most movies. We know Pixar makes good movies; we know they're not going to screw this up. This trailer is pure confirmation of that fact. It doesn't tell us much in regards to story: we know (from a previous teaser) that Mr. Incredible(Craig T Nelson) is getting a bit too old to be a superhero; we see somebody in the trailer with a stylized "I" on his chest who is probably the new Mr. Incredible. Elasti-Girl is shown gaping at the properties of her supersuit; she's probably new to the group and needs to prove herself. Frozone (Samuel L Jackson) is super cool, literally and figuratively, and has problems with his wife (probably). At some point, lessons will be learned and a supervillian will be defeated. I'll develop a crush on Edna Mode, superhero fashion designer (and her giant glasses), and everybody will be happy.

Where's my supersuit? -- Frozone (and half the people I've talked to in the last five minutes)