I am not sure how one is supposed to "respond" to writeups. This is not a message board; I know this. But somebody has spoken about leaving The Bubble, and I want to tell him and others what, exactly, that entails.

I'm not sure who you are, Iguanaonastick. You may have been the rival for a girl's affections; in one case you won her, briefly. In another you didn't. I am not sure if you are the same year as me, though I remember the pepper and the hands. Maybe you beat me in Guilty Gear XX in the basement of Dolliver; maybe you smoked certain substances with me in the woods; maybe you simply passed, as faceless as one can be in a university of 300.

Almost a year ago, I left Simon's Rock with my Associate Arts Degree. Six months ago I left the country; three months ago I started attending the University of New South Wales, a school bigger then SRC by several orders of magnitude. It was not a hard transition.

The amount of credits I took removed two years from my English degree, though many people at SRC don't specialize so closely, your classes will probably still be good. More importantly, I learned how to work hard and work fast. My friends complain about three page essays, five page essays, 20 page class reading. Simon's Rock taught us to do papers quickly and read quickly. It taught us how to read closely and carefully, and how to budget our time. Yes, there were late night of procrastination hell, but its over! It won't be as bad as Simon's Rock; it can't! You'll be secure in your skills and in the ordeal you went through.

Still, there's shit you're going to miss, and you're going to miss it hard. The sunset over Circular Quay is one of the most beautiful sights in the world, but sometimes it doesn't match walking down to Cumbys with two friends and bullshitting about life, the universe, and everything. You'll need to work non-easy jobs, perhaps, and not everybody will instantly understand you. There's also a distinct lack of Jim Monsonis' in the world.

But that's okay; it will pass. As Dad was fond of saying: ?You're ahead of the game.? You've got two years in a real university behind you; two years of staying up late, studying, relationship bullshit, and more hell then you can shake a stick at. If you're anything like me, its made you better, faster, and stronger. Its made you smarter, its made you more engaged, and its made you a very valuable, charming human being. Look how many SRC people found their way to E2-- we seem to be the largest organized university group here.

Unless you are, in fact, one of those assholes who'd seriously rag on me during ?friendly? vidgames in the Dolliver Basement. That guy's on E2, too, but SRC also teaches you that jerks are found in all levels of society. You deal with them, you smile, and you move on. Don't worry. You'll have a great life.