She always sits next to me in my creative writing lecture; today was no exception. We met beforehand, and I snuck glances at her when I wasn't loudly defending performance poetry and Tom Waits. She put lipgloss on, and I noted it in the way I noted everything in class: a possible detail for a story, full of meanings and associations. In the story, it would be incredibly attractive, and have some resonance later.

She has the tutorial before mine; directly after the lecture in a seperate classroom. Two hours after I saw her last I sat down with my back to the door and waited for class to start. Glancing down, I saw a small tin of lipgloss.


Dolliver House was where I lived when that node was written; "Geek Hall" was where I felt excluded for not being good enough at Counter-Strike; Neuromantic was the ponytailed guy who lived next door to me and seemed nicer then all the rest. I remember him being in one of my classes; greeting me a few times; smiling. Little things, but when you're an anti-social literature freak living in a 9 foot box with a kid who dosen't own a shirt without a nasty slogan and who spends his free time practicing jumping sniper shots in Counter-Strike (until he got addicted to Dark Age of Camelot, but that's another story), a few smiles are enough. Thus, I'm not hurt by the line where a shout-out is given to "geek house" and I am not included. I never really played well with the rest; I like Videogamers, but I'm not that great. Still, its strange how these things resonate, how this database preserves, unknowingly, a bit of three years ago.

How would things have changed if I'd seen Will checking E2 on a public terminal and asked, in my obnoxious way, what he was looking at (i'd hang out on the edges of the group, watching Flash movies and pretending to be accepted)? If he'd told me, and I found this place three years earlier?

I would have gotten less work done, but there would be more nodes on Hamlet and Dante's Divine Comedy.


I did my first work as a typist today. Misssed a showing of Metropolis in class to transcribe a focus group meeting. It was easy work (i'm typing this at about 90wpms) and good money; I'd write about it in more detail but I don't want to disclose anything that may, however indirectly, jeopardize my part-time position.