Last week I went to see American Splendor at the Sydney Writer's Festival. Great movie (full w/u to follow) that had a very amusing R. Crumb, wearing a strange flat fedora, an odd moustache, and black glasses.

This week I've been researching James Joyce for a final paper, and every book has a picture of him looking exactly like Crumb does in that shot-- same hat, same moustache, same glasses. When I get some time I will post the two pictures side by side so you can make up your own mind and when I have even more time I will make up an insane website involving reincarnation and conspiricy theories. As of now, the only similarities I can see are a tendency to get involved in obscenity trials, a love of "large", "fleshy" women (no offense intended, but if you've seen some Crumb or read the right bits of Joyce you know there's no other way I can put it), a relentless experimentalism and a sometime focus on the mundane. Still, there may be tricks, reincarnation, and a global plot to imperil the world.

~~~~ (If you're looking for the poem that used to be here, its at Do not look into laser with one good eye. I'm sure posting it twice is, somehow, illegal)