I like to tell people I'm related to David Malouf. It impresses people here in Australia, and tonight I decided to capitalize on that relationship. Screw the long, hard road to recognition-- I've got a famous and respected relative! Turns out he's only a very distant relation (as the person I called informed me) and thus this will require some form of work.

I saw a girl today who I often see. Her name is Esther, with its Biblical ring, and she's sad, always. I tried to cheer her up, like I do, and I sense some strange core of wonderfullness in her. That comes with doubts-- do I think this because I think she would be easy to "win", to control? Should I take her to see Ghost World, or would this depress her? Should I concentrate on my "stronger" crush? No, no, and "there's enough time for everybody". I'm going to invite her to Luna Park when break is over; we shall see what transpires. (No, I will not tell you how I feel about the crush. There's enough of that here)