I e-mailed the programmer/ developer/publisher/ artist/writer/ etc of Pixelships to tell him I noded his game; he thanked me and corrected a few facts in my w/u. Nothing special or spectacular-- i just thought he ought to know. Maybe it will speed up the sequel.

I saw Shrek 2 tonight. It may be the only kid's movie with a Tom Waits cameo (of course he's Captain Hook, singing and playing piano in the corner of, I guess, The Prancing Pony) and the Eels and Nick Cave on the soundtrack. Neither get a big showcase-- there's nothing as breathtaking as the Hallelujah cover in the original, and nothing as exhilerating as I'm A Believer.

Still, the cameos spoke to the odd spirit of the movie-- make a movie designed to please everyone, and succeed. I was happy to see my musical heroes included; the Justin Timberlake poster in the next scene made sure people with more conventional tastes didn't feel left out. Eddie Murphy's Donkey would get annoying... so i'd get a wondeful bit of romance between Shrek and Fiona, or one of Shrek's moments of self-doubt. And when I was getting sick of that, there'd be Antionio Banderas' Puss in Boots fencing four guards....

Were there too many anachronisms? Yes-- Joan Rivers was a bit uneccesary. Was John Cleese (as the King) underused comedically? Yes. Were there bits so surprisingly funny/cute that I don't dare spoil them? YES. (Make sure you stay for the first bit of credits... you'll know what I mean)

Plot? Its complicated... basically, Shrek and Fiona meet the latter's parents. The father is not too happy with his daughter marrying an ogre, but he's willing to accept it... except the Fairy Godmother wants Fiona to marry her son, Prince Charming, and she's got an odd hold on the King...

From that there are complications and mistakes and action bits and tender bits and cute bits and 'holy shit that can't be the Eels' and 'Man, that was definatly too racy for kids' bits. The love between Shrek and Fiona was so palpable it hurts-- at the start of the movie its pure sexual passion, with the ogress gaining a sort of volumptous attractiveness. There's a bit where Shrek is behind a door and realizes his wife is on the other side, crying... and he starts to sob... and it damn near breaks yer heart.

I give Shrek 2 a 4/5, and recomend you get some friends and let yourself enjoy the ride. I suppose I'll organize this into node-quality sometime soon, but school break started and I'm enjoying the freedom from format.

Now Listening to: Tom Waits, 'Small Change'. Thanks, Dreamworks