Never Write About Your Job On The Web

It was my second day at my new job today; everybody's pretty nice, so when I saw a guy around my age with a goetee and a general air of cool about him I introduced myself. He recognized my name and said he read my blog, which surprised me (as nobody reads my blog).

It turns out his job is to sit at a computer and check on the 'web presence' of the organization for which I work. I assume he's seeing how many hits we get, who links to us, etc-- but he turned up my blog, which gets 40 hits a week and linked to the company site a few days ago. I didn't write anything bad about them (its a great job! seriously!i'm happy!), but I easily could have (tear down your idols, I always ay), and I easily could have gotten in trouble.

So (and you should know this) DON'T WRITE ABOUT YOUR JOB ON YOUR WEBSITE. Or, for that matter, your girlfriend.