I miss having coffee on Bleeker Street, at that little cafe right across from D Agostinos. I'd go into the city with my dad on weekends; hang around the Village; go to Papa John's Pizza ($10 pizzas and Sinatra on the jukebox. I'd always talk about living in New York, getting my own apartment; freelancing (writing, not photography) at the Villiage Voice; meeting some nice girl and taking her through Central Park; studying journalism at Columbia.

I just saw Spider-Man 2 today with my dad and my little sibs. Dad got me into Spider-Man as a kid; Dad made sure the places I knew best in New York weren't the tourist spots but the hipper, dirtier places mentioned in the movie (no Empire State Building and no Statue of Liberty, though that may be because of the events of the X-Men film). The kind of girls I want to date probably would be in The Importance of Being Earnest (one was, recently; i missed it, but it wasn't a big thing). Peter Parker is a universal symbol of identification because he's such a geek; to me, he's the geeky New Yorker I never was.

The beggining was melodramatic. Too melodramatic, almost, but it rang true as a cautionary tale. Dad talked me out of running away to the city, telling me i'd be over my head. I didn't believe him. Today I started a job at the program library in SBS, full-time. Good pay, and I could end up in any aspect of TV production, from editing to makeup. If I go back to New York, it'll be on my own terms.

Things change. Doc Ock menaces an above-ground train; i'm scared during the movie, then turn on the TV and hear about the 'War on Terror', a nice reminders that New Yorkers have faced worse. Dad tells me vague stories of times in London with karate experts and strange men; the superhero stories take on a different light.

Movie review? Too much melodramatic speechifiying, but the cast pulled it off. Not enough superheroing and supervillianing, but when it happened it was scary and exhilerating. Doc Ock's origin reminded me he used to be a horror director (a chainsaw was added in case we forgot). There was too much advice I've heard already-- 'You're smart but you're lazy.' was a good one. Dr Conners made a few appearances; John Jameson showed up and I couldn't even begin to explain him to my family ('He's a werewolf who ends up an Avenger and friend of Captain America.

It made me cry; it made me laugh; it made me want to tell my long absent Jersey Girl how much I love her. I'm not an objective reviewers-- i love New York, Spider-Man, being a teenager loser, and even I found it a bit overdone. Its worth your money and your time, though. The obligatory 'With great power must come great responsibility' bit is worth all the Fahrenheit 9/11's in the world