I never saw the sunshine 'till I stayed up all night

Tom Waits sang that, and as I typed it it started raining-- odd for Sydney, but appropriate. Insomnia was always my muse, staying up all night talking to God as my neurons misfired and my synapses snap, drowning in radiation glow, dulling my senses.

A year ago today I met a girl who could not sleep it was a clinical condition and she was odd in so many ways and we'd stay up all night talking on the phone and online and there's so much to say and i think i loved her at several times we were going to get married in a cemetary we never met in real life i exorcised her for the night and i do not miss her

Tonight is an exorcism. Behind me is a sadistic experiment involving 10 people, one night to write plays, a week to cast and direct. Dress rehersals went fine. Showtime is tommorow. At dress, i puttered around, got in the stage manager's way, and made my actors nervous. So... 8 hours to write a 3 page paper. Its procrastination of the best sort. I'm moving into E2, making it my home. Its a nice space, less wasteful or evil then most of the 'net. I got help on my homework, instant feedback. No music on, no outside conciousness... just mediation, me and the keyboard. Its nice. Drifting. We discussed Lotus Eaters in Joyce class today. Cheerful narcosis.

I am one with my ideas