Sometimes you're down for the wrong reasons, and you think you need the wrong thing. It happens to me often; it may happen to you. You THINK you're lonely because you miss an ex, so you sit around listening to Frank Sinatra and crying and writing long nostalgic poetry about your drug revelations at Simon's Rock.

You're wrong. You don't need a girlfriend. You probably don't need her back. You need to get around people, real people. You need to play Unknown Armies or stay up until 2am talking politics and watching Swingers and realizing yes, its easy, you can be very cool,/p>

We're not meant to sit in little rooms staring at little radiation glow boxes talking to imaginary people. We're meant to get out and be around PEOPLE.

Try it. Next time you're feeling sad, go to a public place. Find a friend-- any friend. Sit. Talk. Be cool. Be free. Go to an Internet cafe and play Battlefield 1942 with a bunch of insane 13 year olds. Trust me. Its healthier, sometimes, then the Sinatra.