Update to yesterday's daylog:

Work wasn't bad. Mainly because:
  • If nothing else, I learned how to pull a pint.
  • The regulars seem like a strange bunch.
  • We actually have friendly bouncers (sorry, doorstaff)
  • I got a nice t-shirt, perfect for lounging around the house in. It looks a bit like the logo on http://www.fabcafe.co.uk except with slightly different colours.
Work itself seemed like a pretty easy affair. Serve friendly customers, tell unruly customers to shut the hell up, threaten customers who ask for stupid cocktail things with broken glasses, the usual, you know...

We visited Satan's Hollow after work as well. Mainly because we wanted some cheap drinks but also to check that everyone was alright because some complete prick had decided - for a laugh - to set off a canister of pepper spray on the dancefloor.

Now all that awaits is sorting out when I'm working next and the sweet, sweet payment!