After around two months of my housemate not being around and the rest of us using her computer as our only source of net access, she finally returned the other day.

This turned out to be very bad for what was turning out to be an astounding mp3 collection, filled with stuff from the house's collective interests.

Then she came home, reclaiming what was admittedly her computer, bitching about how little space there was left on the hard drive (somewhere in the region of 1.5 gig free) and then promptly replaced the entire thing with Bryan Adams and Bon Jovi. Because that's great music that is.

I have just wiped the last shreds of what I've downloaded from the computer. If she doesn't like our shit and is willing to wipe it without checking what it is, she can go without the good stuff that she decided to keep as well. After all, I downloaded it, didn't I? It's not hers, so it should go. It's not like there aren't other computers knocking around the house that the stuff could have been transferred to.

First you get the new PC, Then you get the cable modem, then you get the LAN with a hub with not quite enough ports to serve the entire house.

She can keep her AOL. Spite is a many splendoured thing.

This has been a roommates from hell presentation.

Oh, by the way, I'm writing this on her computer and laughing. Always with the laughing.