Well, we don't know where our code went, but it sure did go
I'll tell you, it wasn't me!
We don't know just who nuked it, but they nuked it good
So now I've fixed it, for free!

They nuked the Scratch Pad Viewer
Scratch Pad Viewer

One of our new admins stepped on the code for the Scratch Pad Viewer. I restored it from an old patch, but said patch came from before the great server migration, and thus doesn't quite match the flavo(u)r of Perl native to U. Mich. This was preventing messages to users with spaces in their names. That is now fixed, but if anyone sees any further wonkiness, please let me know. Thanks to OldMiner for advice on this issue.

Last month I applied some useful code patches from call and SharQ. Thanks, folks!

In related news, kthejoker has taken up plugging code leaks around here. Welcome (to a whole new form of frustration), k! As of this writing we'll have about 290 days of help, before we lose him. In the meantime he's done more in a week than I did in months. Go k!

Finally, a change to Everything's Best Users was implemented. It provides the ability to ignore fled users (where fled users is arbitrarily defined as 'gone longer than 1 year'). It also provides the option of ranking by Merit. Note that the esteemed Professor Pi is at best ambivalent about the Merit ranking idea, so it's been in the hopper for some time. I am interested in any feedback on this. Note that ranking by Devotion turns out to be too much trouble due to a database/code problem which I will elaborate on soon.

Thanks to the Nuge for today's theme music.

November 24th

Added a new 'Quick Reference' nodelet to the nodelet pool, available at your local nodelet retailer. This nodelet lets you launch Wikipedia or Google with the current node's title as the search parameter. This is experimental for now: the behaviour should be pretty solid, but it may be removed if it causes unexpected panic. Known issue: Needs an icon bar for non-ekw themes. (Notelet Nodelet has this issue too, no one ever reported it!) I'm workin' on it.