Wang Laboratories, Inc. was founded for $600 in 1951 in Boston by Dr. An Wang. They built office equipment, calculators and (later) computers. Early successes for Dr. Wang included workable magnetic core memory. Wang Labs is headquartered in Lowell, Massachusetts (I think). Dr. Wang passed away at age 70 in 1990.

I used the WANG VS in my first co-op job oh so many moons ago. For those for whom size does matter note that this WANG filled a small room and needed a dedicated air conditioner to keep it cool enough to operate.

Many office WANGs were dedicated word processors, with a pair of dual 8-inch disk drives. The 8 inch floppy diskettes were, of course, variously referred to as "8 inch floppies" or "8 inch Wangs," but never in front of the secretary who used the machine. (Note: This was long before the rise of the Administrative Assistant).