ailie says I should write down what happened. The cops will want it. I can't find a pen, so I'll put it here for now. after all it's second nature. I can't see all that well, sio I'm going tpo do the best that I can.

It's all bones' fault really, if it wasn't for him this wouldn't have happened. The cops wont beleive that of course, not when they find the evidence. Maybe I should hide all that crap.

Bones come son like some sort of martyred father figure , it wopuld work better if I wasn't older than him., As it is it seems pretentious. E2 was his show though as much opr more than nate, so thought we owed him this. whis i had styae din Canada.

I should levave right now, but with my knee all crunched up I probably can't drive, even if I could see better. My hands shake too. and fez is out there somewhere.

I did a lot of pacing ear;ly on. nervous, uncomfrotable. I like to think it mnakes me look like a tiger in ca ge but probably it looked like I had to pee. not a problem since I went throught the windshield, but with all the ditch muck on me you can't tell.

Poor dannye. I don't care so much about wharfie but dannye and I go back to E1. I talked him into staying back in the day. lincoln logs that was the first time ,

I think my eyebrows are gone. I'll have to pull this bandanage off to be sure.

oh yeah, what happened. I don't know at the end, I guess ailie or someone found me in the roadway after the car blew up. Christ, I can't beleive it. They were in that car. Wharfie was dead anyway, but dannye maybe had a chance. It's all my fault. Except of course it's bones' fault really.

So sleepy. Got to finish this before

Did anyone call 9-1-1? Someone must have a cell phone. We're a long way from anywhere. I hear bones laughing. Punk. now he's laughing, after all that doom laden posing earlier. Now that it's gone to hell. Him and those damned drigs of his. He asks us to come here and now for what? It's all gone now anywya.

Damnit. I got the bandage off and now there's blood on the keyboard.='

uhm what happened. can't think. my head hurts, and my fingers look like Harrison Ford's in Bladerunner. Damn damn damn. I'm goign to jail. American jail, shit, Bubba for a roommate and never get out.

tell What happend. After the crash I woek up in the ditch. Couldn't have been more than a few minutes. Lay there looking at the barn swallows catching those big bugs for a bit until I remembered.

Wharfie wrapped that car around the pole like a sitck in a candy apple. candy apple red. That rental palce is gonna be pissed. Msut have been something in Jinmyo's soup. Dammnit, I told dannye it tasted funny. eat it be polite. soup and salad. bunch of granola eaters. I was supposed to bring fresh bread, ran out of time, had to buy it at a grocery, wanted to get it froma proper bakery.

dannye got tired of me following him around, but shit. how else was I going to talk to? I don't really know these people and it was like high scoool only worse, tho with better music. Got to credit bones for that, its the one spot of beauty in this nigthmare. "she said, don't go dark on me again" I was going to get the CDs duped by thefez. Too late now I suppose.

bomes shouldn't have given dannye the drugs, he's too old for that shit. Not that he's getting any older now, he's probably still cookin'.

Sorry, had to puke there. riverrun's gonna need a new futon. So very tired.What am I doing? Oh yeah.

Uhm, after the crash, I crawled back to the car, 'casue my knee's busted up. I'm still covered in burrs 'n crap from the ditch, except where i'm burnt. Wharfie was mashed like a potato so I tried to see dannye in the back. It smelled like gas everwhere so I didn't light a match. I tried the dome light. maybe that was a bad idea. Or maybe the car was on fire already.

I knew Wharfie was too drunk to drive. But I had to try and keep dannye breathing. He was blue and wasn't breathing right, just gasping like a gish. and sort of puking. He was serious messed up anyway, it was likely too late before wharfie wrapped us around the hydro pole.

dannye was kind of like someone drunk on tequila only way worse and not the same (cologod loves u usersr). I did that for kamamer. !lraK iH, p>9jpoun

Too mucyh blood , still bleeding, this isn't good, should have left the nadages on. ailie should have left me a drink, not that I trust her either. damnit, can't trust any of them. Hey cool. I wrote Blame Bones on the wall in bloof. Just like a horroh film, rinerrun would like it. Goes well with the dirty dozen poster, to. I wish I had that digital camera now, I'd take a pic and post it. I think wikkerniplpe had it, I remember him taking pictures of the grrls' tits with it. Or was that kinfey?

Sorry. concentrait. ailie sd write it all down.

After the screaming started, we picked dannye up, and I carried him to the car, we got in the back and wharfie drove. Not very far, he floored the gas petal and we shot gravel all over. I'll bet he stoned my new car, the bastard. sorry wharfie, you're daed and all. dannye was cyanpt cyhn cyanotic there blue damnit and couldn't breathe right. We should have noticed his eyes. eyes were wrong. eyye z

thius is judt a bad dream tight? deep breth.

What did that mf bones give dannye in the bathroom? We looked inside after he collapsed. EpiPens, syringes, pills. Black goop on the sink. it looks like a trauma unit in riverrun's goddamn bathroom. Epinephrine, that's adrenaline ailie says. Not smart for an old guy, if he took that. damn bones put him up to it. bones could probably mainline elephant semen and laugh it off. He's still laughng. bastard. i should o out there and shut him the hell up. why n ot> Hey bones puppetmaster murderer look what I found under riverrun's futon.

I'm going to jail anyway. No way I can get back across the border like this. Jeesus. STOP LAUCHING. Asshole. it's not funny damn youy. i'm going out there and stop it I'll finish this after.