What if E2 were split into multiple versions of itself, and all of the Canadian noders were banished to www.everything2.ca? (What the hell is up with all the Canadians here?) How would the flavour of the database change, apart from proper use of the letter 'U'? (God Loves U Users) Well, perhaps we'd see nodes like this:

Every English writeup would automatically have a French writeup below it (generated by a script using babelfish, attributed to everyone). However, French writeups would not be translated automatically to English. The downvote option would exist, but everyone would be too polite to use it.

EDB would be replaced by LBB: The Lucien Bouchard 'Bot, which would keep order in the ConfederationBox nodelet by threatening to call a neverendum and establish a separate but associated site called www.everything2.pq.ca

* Among the many suggested by the lovely and talented emil greer.