The eponymous 1992 indie cassette contains King of Spain, My Baby Loves a Bunch of Authors, B.J Don't Cry, The Gulf War Song, Green Eggs and Ham and The Drinking Song (live). Green Eggs and Ham is my favo(u)rite.

Many have expressed disappointment with their later albums, but their live shows usually get excellent reviews.

Players (as of 1999/2000):

  • Murray Foster -- Vocals, electric bass, occasional percussion and guitar
  • Jian Ghomeshi -- Vocals, drums, percussion, sometimes guitar and penny whistle
  • Mike Ford -- Vocals, guitars, harmonica, keyboards, bullhorn, percussive stuff
  • David Matheson -- Vocals, guitars, banjo, accordian, sometimes keyboards


Their newest work The 'c' Album is only available at Fruvous shows and through the internet. It will not be released commercially in record stores. It is carried by online shop MapleMusic

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