About a month ago, at the long awaited end of a death march project, I was going through the mound of snail mail on my table. I carefully set aside all of the pleading mail from charities. I then separated this into two piles: donate and shred.

Before proceeding, I went to the fridge and got a Coke and three (3) slices of cheddar cheese. I then went through the donate pile, writing cheques¹ and filling in tiny forms and licking envelopes.

When I finished about 15 minutes later, I had two (2) slices of cheddar cheese. I couldn't remember eating any ... so ... I suspect that some poor volunteer, somewhere, got a cheque¹ for $25 and a slice of cheese. And given Canada Post's speed, likely a moldy slice, too.

1. That's check to Webster 1913 and residents of the United States.