September 15, 2001

It has been some time since I deleted anything worthy of note. Lately my new E2 job as Klaproth's administrative assistant keeps me busy. But sometimes I happen across writeups that just smell ... wrong. Too sophisticated or too urbane, or with academic phrasing that almost no one on E2 employs in writeups. Such was the case today.

I removed Pedro's E1 era writeup on cubism. Rep: 10 (+11/-1) - downvote by me.
Klaproth: ... it was copied from two websites. See my Editor Log: September 2001 - Lord Brawl. Repost in your *own words* if you like.

It was a word for word copy of, with further text from appended for good measure. From the amount of text I suspect it was enlarged since the E1 days - which would have been a good time to rewrite in the noder's own words.

Cubism could use a good, original writeup, if anyone's so inclined.

Removed a w/u by idoru of the "I work here" variety. Also removed Snow Crash by fled user viveka - basically advertising her company's wares. A definite no-no, which had the node at Rep: -12 (+3/-15) after a downvote by me.

September 17, 2001

Removed CmdrTaco Vs. Nate, a relic of E1 and indulgence of the 'gods' and long-time noders. We'd never put up with this from new users, and thus must hold to the same standard ourselves.

September 18, 2001

I tried to talk kamamer and jbird out of leaving E2 and taking their writeups with them. They're serious about it, though, and I don't think I can convince them not to demand total writeup armageddon. Sigh.

I culled some of my own writeups while sending lots of /msgs about the above problem. Mostly looking for anything of mine that might be GTKY or short factual w/us that have been superceded by more knowledgable ones. If you see anything of mine that's become obsolete, please let me know and I'll give way gracefully.