During this month, I was busy with my "life" so I wasn't very active. I sporadically purged nodeshells about noding, voting, downvoting and upvoting. This activity is like cutting the lawn - it'll be back in a week, but if you don't do it you'll lose the children in the weeds.

I removed junky E1 writeups from never-logged-in E1 users, and in some cases the users themselves. I took a fancy to review all the node titles containing the word 'like' and trimmed them too.

June 30: I killed some trash called "Cat Punishment Guide." Seemed to be simply sadistic trolling. Removed by request and community consensus ... it was at -6 before it dropped out of the top slot in New Writeups. No one cried.

And I did lots of the usual, mundane 'god' stuff: title edits and whatnot. Divinity's a bit banal at times.