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To avoid NFN I am slowly consolidating and deleting older logs.

August 15th:

I killed You are a cockface by Sinergy as it was pointless and offensive. Leaves a nodeshell that can be deleted. I could go to town on Sinergy's E1 nodes and E2 would not be the poorer IMHO.

August 16th:

August 17th:

Advice requested: Jhrulith's torso node looks like a cut and paste job from Kill it? Audit Jhrulith for more?

August 18th:

  • Killed chicken dream by vitorcon. Node contents:
    Due to an bug we had some data corruption today, so I'm restoring from my backup of last night. Sorry to those of you who lost nodes... the price of real-time development... --nate

Editor log: August 19, 2000

Nodes removed:

Users /msg'd

/msg'd hackwrench (who was on) repeatedly. Told the user to request node nukes on: clever hard-linking tricks, help, help chatterbox. Asked for hard links in: making things more complicated than they need to be, major axis. No response. Finally I said:
/msg hackwrench Hello? Are you listening? Tomorrow I'm going to walk your nodes, and if there are no hardlinks or it's just newbie confusion I'm gonna kill it...

/msg'd romi (who was on) and asked for hard links in: hip-hop and happiness.

/msg'd thopkins to suggest hard links in was? and Joe DiMaggio.

Editor log: August 20, 2000

Nodes removed:

Users /msg'd

Several users about typos.

Other thoughts

User Booth has created metric system and the metric system which are identical down to the typos. Should one be removed?
User Fufie has a lot of worthless nodes, all form E1 - just none quite bad enough for me to kill!

Node killing theme song

From The Arrogant Worms song "Goin' Huntin'"
Oh, we're goin' huntin'
We're gonna kill somethin'
I don't care what it is
Maybe a raccoon, maybe a gopher,
Maybe the neighbour's kids!

Written by The Arrogant Worms.
The Arrogant Worms Dirt Pile -->

Editor log: August 27, 2000

Writeups removed:

I have started a new quest to limit the plethora of nodes about the EDB. My first target: drive-by noder EDBDB, with 5 nodes, all about the EDB.

I left EDBDB's final node, borg, because it had a 5 rep (before I -d it) and had been C!'d

Some EDB nodes by (a deleted user account) - probably EDB itself (the <TT> tags give it away) Since the user is gone, I figure a few less EDB nodes is good.

I left the "EDB" node for What part(s) of EDB have you assimilated? so as not to render zot-fot-piq's node incomprehensible.

Other EDB related nodes:

The Cara* Massacre

Cara* blanked all her nodes but one. JP and I went through and killed all the blanks. My share:

Users /msg'd

The usual spelling stuff.

Other thoughts

The DMan fuss this afternoon made me sad.

Editor log: August 30, 2000

Writeups removed:

  • Hannah Goldberg (person) by drive-by noder reviloj: Not a node for the ages. Content:
    A student at the University of Michigan studying to be an engineer. Nodeshell remains.
  • Pet Shop Boys (thing) also by reviloj Thrilling content:
    Pet Shop Boys released a new album last November, entitled Nightlife. I am lucky enough to have a limited edition copy of Nightlife.
  • Gatorade (thing) by reviloj Today's winner of the Well, duh award. Content:
    Gatorade is currently sponsoring a promotion where you can win all sorts of prizes. This is an advertising ploy to get you to buy Gatorade.
  • shotgun (thing) by shea100 11/13. I dithered, then let the rep: -5 sway me. Content:
    Random family member eliminator
  • malt whisky (thing) by shea100 11/13. Content:
    A drink that'll kill yah.
  • budda (person) by E1 user flymike. No content but a <br> tag.
  • homosexuals (person) by flymike. Rep -13. Content:
    Example of Homosexual Steve a Short Homosexual Midget who loves guys named tim

Note to new users: The death knell for shea100 and reviloj's otherwise merely pointless nodes was the lack of hard links. Pointless + no links = removed. See also reviloj's remaining node Songs of Leonard Cohen. I wanted to kill it too, due to its lack of hard links, but it does have information. So I refrained. But don't do that.

Disturbingly when I killed flymike's homosexuals node, the prompt was:

Kill "homosexuals (person)" ?
OK Cancel

The MolochHorridus project

MolochHorridus, an E1 user, created this nodestring of 25 random babblings called Moloch's Alleyway:1 through Moloch's Alleyway:25.

  • I collapsed all of the Moloch's Alleyway:x nodes into Moloch's Alleyway using a new user ID created for the purpose. (Using everyone occured to me once it was too late.) I even did all of the piping. Too much work for too little gain.
  • I killed all 25 nodes in the nodestring. This leaves 25 nodeshells. Anyone care to delete 'em?

Users /msg'd

The usual spelling stuff.
/msg Finn Could you hard link in the perfect man please?

Other thoughts

My job interferes with my noding.

Editor log: August 31, 2000

Writeups removed:

If we're going to remove DMan's nodes when he is seen to be insulting other users, as was done yesterday, this sort of stuff has to go too. I think that fondue's DMan and Fuckwits who label every node they don't like a "getting to know you" node fucking suck, DMan should be deleted too, for the same reason, but fondue is an active user, so I would like another opinion before I proceed.