It's been bizarre day...lost three seperate amounts of change desperatly seeking liquid refreshment at work to three seperate Vending demons.

Had visions of penguins en masse attacking the poor polar cousin or the north. Thus espiring the thoughts of how do polar bears die?Cold. Very cold.

Work was a fistfull of pathos and little reasearch of troubles.

And life like Hudson Hawk leaves me looking for a GOOD coffee beverage (I prefer mocha - not the gritty kitty Starbuck thing) to no avail. I gotta go back to Cleveland...but Coffee Craze is no more!!! I hate the Russian mob...or the rumors of how they tore down my favorite coffee house!!!!!

Otherwise the fighting robots (that really aren't robots) was better than usual...but they edit TOO much.

Ah. This day is done almost...And "I've still got twelve dollars...