Today I got to call in sick. Normally I Hate missing work days (probably due to the evils of a Catholic upbringing...) but as breathing and walking and coughing are hard to do - let alone driving in the snow with other Marylanders (who inherently don't know how to drive on snow) and the fact I want to be healthy again, calling in sick was a welcome change. That and the ability to collect about twenty or so non-contiguous hours of sleep helped may have been better if I didn't cough myself up the innards of a lung every three hours or so...but that probably means the medicine is working too...

But I'm running low on that. I don't want to brave the elements as I'm finally feeling better...but I don't want to not have medication either...We shall see, we shall see.

I wish my head wasn't a mess of emotions when I'm sick, but this part is also part of being sick. I guess my whole system wants to be healthy or peer pressure for the other parts of my being...I need to find the leader and pressure him.Or perhaps intise him with offers he can't refuse...but I am delusional I guess and he's probably the doing.

But the fever hasn't been here for days now, though I'll check again to be sure. That's a releif, since all the medical advice said I don't have to go to medical professional unless my symptoms are accompanied by a fever or persist for a week...(which would be Sunday...) and as I dislike the feelings I get when visiting those types that's another minor plus...though I should find a regular general practicioner for myself soon...I guess a checkup won't hurt too much - NO PROBES!!! - sorry. Habit.

Anyway there's about a half a foot of snow on my car and it's only snowed for about 4 hours or so...That's gonna slow down my progress in obtaining medication. (This shows people how annoyed/uncomfortable I am...since I don't like taking any medication under usual circumstances like a headache or sore muscle etc...)