Series of console RPGs by Capcom. Not the best or the most popular series, but good games nonetheless, with dedicated fans.

The hallmark of the Breath of Fire series is the main character of each game. Although it's a new character in each game, it's always a blue-haired boy named Ryu (japanese for "dragon"), and he's always, well, a dragon.

The world of the Breath of Fire has many different races ("clans"), each with distinguishing traits and abilities. the winged Angel Clan that lives in Windia can turn into birds. The feline Fullen Clan are excellent warriors. And, of course, the Dragon Clan is the most powerful of all.

  • Breath of Fire
    For the SNES, started the series as an only average game.
  • Breath of Fire 2
    Also for the SNES, BoF2 surpassed it's predecessor in every category. One of the best games in the series.
  • Breath of Fire 3
    There are mixed opinions about BoF3, for the Sony Playstation. It is very slow-paced, and thus many gamers found it boring. If you're patient, it's still an excellent game.
  • Breath of Fire 4
    Also for the Sony Playstation, BoF4 is not yet available in english, but the japanese version has recieved excellent reviews.

Breath of Fire
Breath of Fire was originally created by Capcom, for the Super NES. Sometime late in development, Capcom decided that it would not be a profitable game, and handed over the entire project to industry giant Square. Square used their famous ability to sell any RPG successfully, and Capcom realized they should have released it themselves, and eventually continued the series, turning it into yet another Capcom franchise.

BoF1 featured an irritating item management system, and was only average in other categories. For this reason, it could be considered the least impressive game in the series.