You've all seen them. Those guys contorting their bodies and practically shaking themselves apart as they "walk" down the street. However, I don't understand this primal need for some people to exert themselves so much when walking from their apartment to the drug store down the street. I actually have some friends who strut while walking, and I asked them why they do this. The reply usually falls along the lines of "It's just they way I walk" or "It shows my personality."

Okay, I think to myself, that's fine.

However, this brings me to my next question (timed much later in the conversation, or in another completely different time and place, as to not have the previous answer be too influential over this answer), which is: What do you think when you see someone strutting down the street? To this, they answer something along the lines of: "Oh, he just thinks he's hot shit--cocky son of a bitch. Those guys are real assholes."

I could've sworn that these people just told me that it shows their personality...