I was born with a Chinese name (yes, Loon is a part of it). However, because my parents were worried that I wouldn't fit in with everyone else without an American name, they consulted a very comprehensive text--a baby name book. As chance would have it, they settled upon a name (I believe they threw darts at the book) which I do not believe I have heard yet, or will hear in the future.

The name?

Alron. Go figure.

At age 3, I went to a Hebrew preschool--yes, a Hebrew preschool. It was the only one in my hometown at the time. Well, since my parents took it upon themselves to call me "Alron," that was how I was introduced at the preschool. Being that "Alron" was such an odd name to have, the staff at the Hebrew preschool decided to give me a name of their own: Aaron.

So, I stick with my Chinese name, Loon and all. You try walking around as a 6'5" Chinese guy and say, "Hi, my name is Alron."