The ICCA, or International Championship of Collegiate A cappella, is, for all intents and purposes, an exposition for college a cappella groups to compete at. Formally known as NCCA (National, instead of International), in 2001, the competition has expanded to incorporate groups from Canada. The competition is sponsored by Varsity Vocals, a group formed to promote a cappella music nationwide.

In order to participate, groups have to send in audition tapes. The tapes have to be of a live show, rather than a CD of their music. Then, from the hundreds of groups that submit applications and tapes to the ICCA, only 108 are chosen to compete.

There are six different regions, each of which has three different quarterfinals. Six groups compete at each of the quarterfinals. The six regions are: the MidAtlantic, the South, the Northeast, New England, the Mid-West, and the West. From each region, six groups make it to the semifinals, two from each of the three quarterfinals within the regions. At the six separate regional semifinals, one group wins to advance to the finals, which are held at Avery Fisher Hall, at Lincoln Center in New York City.

There are many rules and aspects of the competition that should be noted:

So, if you want to catch some amazing music of a variety you probably don't hear too often, I highly recommend checking out the Varsity Vocals website (given below) and finding out when the next ICCA show is going to be in your area.

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