I extend this node as an invitation to all noders who are within range of NYC to come join me at my favorite karaoke bar for a night of beautiful music as fellow noders sing their hearts out to the cheesiest songs imaginable. The event will be on Thursday, February 1, 2001.
TODAY is the big day, guys! I think this is gonna be quite a larger gathering than I thought, but the more the merrier, I say. If any more people want to come, just /msg me, and I'll try to squeeze a couple extra seats at the tables we'll be getting tonight. See you guys at 8:30! (Except anyone who wants to come early to my dorm. I'll be there at 6:30 pm, so just /msg me and call up when you get here.

Slight change of plans, guys: We're going to have dinner beforehand at Zen Palate at 8:30PM. It's a vegan cuisine place on 16th Street and Union Square East.

The reservations for Zen Palate are under LOON!

The reservations for Tracy J's are under YON!

Wow... only ONE day left for our big KARAOKE NIGHT! I can't wait to hear the voices of our great and mighty noders filling the air of Tracy J's with song. I just hope they have enough of the songs that you want to sing, or would be content with singing. And dinner is set... I've confirmed my reservations (crikey, it sounds like we're going on a flight to Jamaica or something). Are you excited? I am.

The directions:
The place is called Tracy J's Watering Hole. It's on 19th Street, between Park Avenue and Irving Place. The easiest way to orient yourself to get to this place is to take any of the 4/5/6/N/R/L trains to the Union Square - 14th Street station. Find Union Square East and walk north (if you can figure out which side is east, I'm sure you can figure out which direction is north. When you hit 19th Street, turn right, and it will be on the right side of the street, midway down the block. You can't miss it.

The deal:
Meet at Tracy J's at 10:45PM. Karaoke doesn't start until 11PM, but by getting there early, we can ensure a place of honor. Actually, cuz I'm setting this up, we should have a place of honor. The important thing is to RSVP me as soon as you can. I want to call to reserve the back section of the bar, so /msg me or post an RSVP to this node. My dorm is on 14th Street, east of Union Square East, if anyone wants to meet with me earlier. The address is 110 E. 14th St., but someone ripped off a "1" from the "110", so it says "10 E. 14th Street". You can call up to my room. My number is {marked for destruction}. Anyone can call me with concerns or questions. If you're uncomfortable with that, then just /msg me or node questions.

The rules:

  • You do not talk about Tracy J's.
  • You do not talk about Tracy J's.
  • There is a two-drink minimum for this place. If you don't think you'll be drinking, they might ask you to leave. Let me know, so I can see if we can "veil" the non-drinkers by ordering a couple extra for the bigger drinkers.
  • You will do a shot with me. Southern Comfort, baby. Or JD, for nocode.
  • stand/alone/bitch must sing.
  • If this is your first night at Tracy J's, you have to sing. No exceptions.

These people have RSVPed:
Jennifer - Axl Rose has met his match. (dinner)
yossarian - He is coming, unless something "better" comes up. Ouch. (dinner)
stand/alone/bitch - she says she won't sing. We shall see, shan't we? (dinner)
WickerNipple - this boy is giving up his long-awaited groundhog sighting. (dinner)
nocodeforparanoia - He can pull his lips off the back of his skull. Ew... (he's gonna watch us eat)
alienhuman - he seems very excited about seeing s/a/b sing. (dinner)
Kit_Lo - "Bring on the Sondheim!" (dinner)
deeahblita - Said to have the most beautiful voice on the island. (dinner)
Infinite_Burn - Not even the combined power of all the world can stop him from making it. (dinner)
GangstaFeelsGood - I hope they have his songs. I want to see embarassment! (dinner)
Phyllis_Stein - "Claims" not to drink... We'll see about this one, too... (dinner)
ism - Not coming to karaoke, but wants to witness noders' eating habits. (dinner)
Metacognizant - Lying to the 'rents! Watch out for this one. (dinner)
EagleEyez - Gonna come meet the NYC Noders for the first time! (but can't make dinner)
Lith - There is, so aptly put, "no worry". (dinner, I assume)
Thuper_Ranger - seems interested. Worries that everyone else is gonna be too old and boring. (dinner)
weStLY - Late RSVPer... I hate that... :-P Just kidding, of course. (dinner)