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I wandered into here while following netlinks for Gilles Deleuze. Nodes? You mean, like, rhizomes? Hey - I'm in!
Post-structural philosophy; photography; taijiquan. Some other stuff.
My old school and I disowned each other. As for where I work... why would anyone else care more than how little I do about that?
What the fuck was THAT?
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I have led many lives to date, each more of less disjunct from each other. Not particularly wild or interesting lives (well, not by my account, anyway); and, certainly not profitable lives. But, at least, lives less common; arrayed along paths less travelled... and yet, each in their way have led me to where I am today.

Once, not really all that long ago (as time is tallied) and in this very same galaxy (and yes, this solor system... hey, come to think of it, this IS the same planet!) I decided I was going to be a writer. Unfortunately, I decided that much too early in life (long before high school) and so, spent far too much effort on 'becoming' such a person when I should have concentrated upon 'being' said same.

Oddly enough, having also become an "under/over-achiever" by mid-high school, I now (oh so many years later) find myself working on a little research project dedicated to reconstructing the origin of writing. You can check it out at:

In early high school, I started developing and printing black and white film. Over the years, I've worked on a number of small (usually 'alternative') newspapers across Canada (in the Arctic; on the West Coast; on the Prairies; and here, in Ontario). Until, that is, photo-mechanical typesetting was replaced by desktop publishing - and the small black and white darkrooms (where even the text used in such publications had to be processed before being waxed onto layout sheets), well, just disappeared. I didn't even get to see digital photography arrive in the newsroom; because, I am not a reporter by training. I am a post-structural philosopher.

Now, I work in a small factory, doing manual labor. I work on my research project; and take photographs (I still shoot with a film-based camera) to scan into my computer and edit in Photoshop... and then print out on my oversized tabloid color laser printer. Ironically, I could indeed produce my own newspaper using the equipment that I now own, right up to the proofs that a printer needs for a press run. So I can't really complain about publishing having gone digital. In fact, now I often laugh about it.

In my spare time, I also practice taijiquan. I've been doing that since 1983; and I'm quite good at it.