Inspired by poet and headmaster of the Crypt School Thomas Edward Brown Henley became a prolific and courageously spirited writer. His most famous poems are England My England and the aforementioned Invictus which ends with the well know lines

I am the master of my fate;
I am the captain of my soul.

In addition to In Hospital (1903)Henley wrote a second book of poetry called A Book of Verse (1888), as well as a collection on essays and art Views and Reviews published around 1890. Henley collaborated with his friend Robert Louis Stevenson on four plays, and Stevenson modeled his character Long John Silver from Treasure Island after him. He also collaborated with J.S. Farmer on the Dictionary of Slang and It's Analogues (1894-1904) and brought to the forefront the works of Rudyard Kipling and Irish poet W. B. Yeats. making his living primarily as an editor for the Scots Observer (1889) of Edinburgh the journal was moved to London in 1891 and became the the successful National Observer Politically conservative it published in the libertarian vein when it came to literary works including many early works by the likes of Thomas Hardy, George Bernard Shaw, James Barrie, and H.G. Wells.

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