It's been a stressful two weeks I have to say with all of the testing done, the waiting is the hardest part. The doctor did mention frightening words like Alzheimer and dementia in relation to running in my family. Fortuantly , I could tell her no, but my grandmother suffered from dementia late in her life due to strokes from hardening of the arteries. So far I've only mentioned it and barely to my husband. He says no need worrying until there's something there to worry about.

Two people have commented this week about how I have 'madeover' myself in the past year. And yes even though I've lost weight and all that it doesn't seem to sink in at a level I can appreciate. The words are muffled and echoey and I'm in some sort of rubbery denial, like the haircut that cost twelve dollars. I watched the beautician's hands fly swiftly all over my head and hoped I would end up looking marvelous, but no. I looked like myself with less hair.

Howard Mumma wrote in his book Albert Camus and the Minister

God is here in the midst of all sharing his creatures' anguish, suffering with us .... and urging us to positive action.

Words of comfort to focus on during this time of waiting

He also writes about his promises made during his first interview with the Committee of Ordination and agreeing to the request of the committee chairman:

Promise me that you will never take the arm of a woman parishioner to help her up the steps, until she has passed her seventieth birthday!

...I waited.....a long time....... and finally Howard took hold of one of our classmates arm, a woman under the age of seventy, he's 91 and amazing! Needless to say as soon as her took her arm I mentioned his promise to the Ordination Committee...stopped him in mid sentence. Now our beloved Howard is a retired minister and believe me when I say he's never at a loss for words, but I had him this time! Oh yes I did! I could see the wheels turning and then he exclaimed,
"I wrote that in my book didn't I!!" Oh what a good laugh we all had!

Number Two Son has asked that we work out at the gym together after school and we did make one trip together where I showed him the weight machines. I hope he decides to make a commitment to exercise and encouraged him to try the gym facilities at the High School.

Sam is recovering well and I'm slowly easing her back into walking.

I'm so elated to see BaronCarlos back! I imagine he is all moved in and reveling in the shadows he loves so much! Several of you have /msgd me about him and please take a look through his nodes as he does define Carlosian things quite well or you may want to take a gander at The Guide to Field Identifications of BaronCarlos if you venture to chat with him.

I may be gone a while due to computer repairs. Editors who have recently /msgd their concerns about some of my node (and for some reason there have been a lot lately) please know I haven't forgotten and will attend to them ASAP!

The message about the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.
-1 Corinthians 1:18

Keeping my focus on Jesus puts my life in proper order.(NRSV)