I remember thinking it was high praise when Baron Carlos said my newbie nodes were 'sufficient'.

I remember when Saige nuked the user search page on E1.
I was scared of the Everything Smurfs for a long time after that.

I remember the day the Everything Finger got palsy and the alarm it raised among the noders was hilarious!
I'm logged in but I'm not on the Everything Finger
Everything Finger has palsy
Everything Finger is bigger than the node linked to all others
Everything Finger crashed netscape!
Everything Finger is going to explode

I remember the girls of #everything had a slumber party and bozon was bringing the cucumber slices for their eyes.
I wanted to be there too!

I remember when Hemos burned his house down (for the second time) and it was B.C. (Before Chatterbox).
There were some funny nodes about it, but I was really worried

I remember my first node that was put on the Page of Cool by knifegirl.
I was ecstatic for three days!

I remember when Asamoth was the only one who would chat with me.
It frightened me badly when he kavorked his nodes .

I remember tutting at nate when we could put up pics in our homenodes so he retook his picture...
just for me.

I remember when ailie became the Everything High SchoolCheerleader.
It was like we all cheered together! I remember being borged by nate for mentioning the
....well I can't tell you now can I?

I remember falling prey to the Sneaky Bastard when he flushed me out of hiding with his Our Weaknesses node!
..... and being crestfallen when BaronCarlos left, only to rejoice when ShadowLost returned.
Keep on Sneakin' Carlos.

I remember thinking sensei was a 14 year old girl.(he kept cheering 'yay for peanut butter!') and thinking dem bones and nate had fixed it somehow so she couldn't find her home node.
Incensed I /msgd all of her complaints to bones and there was plenty of confusion to go around.

I remember dem bones yelling at me in the chatterbox for messing up his website.
When I tried to explain he called me a 'LIAR!!!'.
I spent 2 hours and a long distance phone call downloading IE 5.01 so I could come back and node.

I remember wishing to be at the E2 meeting California so much that I mailed dem bones a Mickey Mouse lollipop and rose petals, then noded the lyrics to San Fransisco.

I remember finally gathering the courage up to look at jessicapierce's hot ass!

I remember that today I've been a noder for The Everything Development Company for a year.

Thanks for all the swell memories guys!