Testing Tuesday went okay. The doctor pointed out some results in my testing from March 27th that showed me I need to find someone to sit down and go over the results with me. From what I read from the result led me to think most results were in the average range, but the doctor Tuesday said my reading comprehension was in the master's range and vocabulary in the doctorate range. I don't understand why no one has bothered to tell me these results in a conference of some sort and I'm angry, because it's been more time wasted as we go further in debt while I struggle to get a job!

Yesterday was the arraignment resulting from the attack from the pitbull. I called Animal Control and the County Prosecutor's Office to find out when and where, but to no avail since I don't know the owner's name. I only have the first name and phone number of a friend of his. I had been suspicious that one of the men who live or visit the house where the dog lives had been trying to intimindate me by driving by slowly in a white car with boomboxes blaring all the while staring me down. I told my husband and he drove me by the house showing me I had the cars confused. There was indeed a white car at the house, but not the one I had seen, so I let it go as silly worry over a traumatic event. Last night I drove by the house which is on the way to a nearby Cricle K and there was the car parked at the house. Now that I am sure,I wrote down the plate numbers. The County Prosecutor's Office said I would be notified by mail as to the results of the arraignment.

I feel pretty secure and so far as I know the driver of this car hasn't found me on my new route, but then I haven't been paying a whole lot of attention. It was just a matter of seeing the car out of the corner of my eye when I drove by yesterday that caught my attention as I had truly forgotten the whole matter.

I am raising two sons and a husband:

Number Two Son's math teacher called my husband and told him it was a pleasure to have him in class and is the highest scorer in his Algebra 3-4 class. His Global Studies teacher called the following night to tell my husband that she was pleased to have him in her class as well. So we are Proud as Peacocks of him!

Husband has been muttering around the house about some article he read somewhere about a family of four boys and a father who play catch with 'loaded diapers' Even I would never do such a thing! he declares in the midst of a belching competion with the boys...

Number One Son is expecting C's his first quarter at the University of Arizona. He's also switched jobs from the library to the recreation center where he officiates as a referee at the University's intramural football games. In the interim he was begged to take a position at the Stewart Observatory for a second time. I asked him why he refused the job?

..... he worried he would run into 'that Carlos guy' and that he didn't like the idea of "someone scaring people by running around in a trenchcoat."
I'm considering printing up a copy of my The Guide to Field Indentifications of BaronCarlos, sans my authorship and anonymously, (of course!) tucking it into his backpack on his way out the door to school one morning....

Have a nice day dear and work on those grades! *kotc*

(WHO is this imp that makes me do such things!)

Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light. --Matthew 11: 29-30 (KJV)

When I stagger under life's burden, Christ offers me companionship and rest.