There is never any shame in feeling patriotism for one's country. I like having my own ideas and opinions. I will not apologize.

Only one person made an attempt to answer one question in my last day log.

I maintain that truth is the biggest casualty of war. It's no great surprise to hear yesterday about a Canadian poll that 85% of the respondents believe America is at fault for bringing the 9-11 attacks about.

I am still outraged that so many voters are indifferent to our democracy. So few choose to participate in a political system that so many seem to ardently revere, shedding tears, waving flags and singing patriotic songs. When I read this morning’s local paper about the primaries only 20.9% of registered Arizona voters bothered to do one of the most patriotic acts available to Americans: vote.

The last time I know of an actual leader running for office was 1960. Voter participation rates have declined regardless of how many "little old ladies" have been helped across the streets of America then or now. If the 2000 voting ratio had been the same as the 1960 ratio, 25 million more citizens would have voted. Voting is hardly a panacea. The citizen participation loss is equivalent to 6 entire states the size of Florida's vote. Despite brain tumors and Pop Tarts I am informed.

To the majority who thanked me for
'saying all I did. It was needed AND appreciated!'
"Don't let the whiners and complainers get you down.
You (and your message) are excellent! “,
"has anyone thanked you today for being here? let me chime in among them. you rock, lady."
I thank you for your kind and generous support.

To the passive aggressive teeming with rebellion hidden in angst and apathy. I refuse to believe that your entire urban communities are ridden with gun toting school children and angry black youths rapping from jail over the TV. While it may not matter to you it matters to others.

The inability of not seeing the events of this year as a defining moment in your lifetime means that you have not lived long enough to gain perspective and that's okay.

To those of you who politely inquired about my point of view and responded respectfully I applaud you and relate my sincerest thanks for an intelligent and thought provoking discourse. Public argumentation help define one's own personal beliefs about a given situation; however, it is still actions that speak louder than words. Remember we all have to live with the consequences of those actions.

This subject is no longer open for discussion. I find myself having to detach. I have turned off the TV, put down the newspapers, planted wildflowers, buried gems in the node gel and baked cookies for fellow noders.

Kindest regards.

I am Secure:
For God has not given us a spirit of timidity, but of power and love and discipline.
~2 Timothy 1:7 (NASB)

I have not been given a spirit of fear, but of power, love and discipline.