Wow! what a work out this morning.


I needed that..... .excercise is such a great stress reliever I don't know what I would do with out it sometimes!

The boys and I met up with my cousins Farissa and Floyd Sundat night at MINIDTOS (it means 'little nest' in Spanish and they have some really terrific Mexican food). Its' a restaraunt of some reknown in South Tuscon because President Clinton ate there last February. Some of the conversation was as to what exactly President Clinton would remembered most for in history and the general consenus was Monica Lewinski. Farissa recently retired after 23 years of teaching, the last two years spent as a technologist getting her school set up with computers, writing grants and she was partucularly anxious to go back and see how the Cisco(?) program she set up was doing. At the end of two years the students will recieve certification. Floyd is a School Superintendent in Kearns County Texas and does ranching as well. Their daughter teaches at Bush Elementary and even though Democrat, Farissa joked, she felt some obligation to vote for Bush. We were accompanied by two police officers out in front of the restaurant because there is at least one drive by shooting a day in South Tucson. It's not a place to out and about after dark.

Dad, amazingly, through some miltary services organization has managed to convince Ross Perot ( of all people) to pay half of his prescriptions each month. Now knowing Daddy there's no sense in arguing with him, his connections, common sense and stubborness have always been his assets!

I told Farrisa the story of the time my sister and I stayed with her mom in Lometa when we were in high school. (Dad was at Lubbock AFB undergoing surgery for a slipped disc he suffered during a flight seat ejection) Lometa is a small town in Central Texas and my sister and I were fresh out of California in the 60's with bright yellow and orange striped mini dresses and black fishnet hose. Twiggy was the in look and needless to say with the high hair and large rodeo belt buckles of the locals we were in for a huge culture shock. Of the 17 different schools I attended all over the world growing up, Lometa was my favorite. It's a small school were all of the girls were on the Pom Pom Team and Homecoming night every single girl attended the slumber party in the Home Ec. Cottage. Housing grades K-12,Lometa is the school where my English teacher introduced me to irony through the works of Thurber, O. Hare, and Twain.

One night I received a phone call from Randy, a classmate who asked me out (and I accepted) to the Homecoming Dance.....well he soon discovered the next day that he had asked the wrong sister out! Randy, a true Southern Gentleman, quickly arranged for William Hightower to ask me, a rather handsome member of the football team, and we had a wonderful time!

The most remarkable thing, I told Farissa, Lometa was the only school I had ever attended, and regardless of how I dressed or talked, the boys were friendly and polite and the girls welcomed me from the very first day, with warm hugs and a small jewelry box I still keep on my dresser.


To the end that my glory may sing praise to thee, and not be silent. O LORD my God, I will give thanks unto thee for ever.
Psalm 30:12