Tough day yesterday. Paid my customary 5 week visit to the docs for a check up. No word on the tests I took and it's been so long since I took them, so much forgotten that the feedback has lost a great deal of its value for me. This is the second doctor to tell me that the job I wanted as an airline reservationist woud be out of reach for me. It's hard giving up on a dream.

I 've finally figured out what the dream I had (Dream Log: October 12, 2000) means :

Life begins not at the end of a conversation, but as a dream.

Aptly enough, I think somewhere in my head that my life will begin again with a dream, as in a goal.
I wonder what my next one will be?

Still I am sad and the holidays are so difficult for me. After the visit to the docs I thought maybe getting a little something for the guys would raise my spirits. I stopped at Best Buy and picked up a CD for my hubby, ELO's Definitive Collection. He loves to air guitar to parts of Roll Over Beethoven and I got the boys a couple of Christmassy Reindeer M&M's candies at Fry's while I picking up some milk for dinner.

Walking in the door I was greeted by a very miffed Number Two Son. Someone had locked him out of the house and he had to climb the fence and crawl through the doggie door to get in! Pulling out the M&M's merrily I said,
Here you go, this will make you feel better!
Gee, thanks Mom!!!

*long pause while we smiled at each other*

Hey!!!!! Number Two Son protests, you were going to give these to me anyways!

I had something smile about on my walk.

A cheerful heart is good medicine...
- Proverbs 17:22