Happy Birthday General Wesc !!

knarph Just wanted to let you know that Number Two Son got an A+ on his assignment...What events in the 90's would history most likely remember, using your nodes!

Howard Mumma works out with me at the gym twice a week. We've known each other for a little over a year and a half now. He's one of those unforgettable characters that catch my attention, a person well worth the while to take the time to get to know. Unexpected friendships that have been all too infrequent the last several years with illness and unable to go out in the real world. I've got quite a collection of them from over a half a lifetime and travels around the world. Some I've gotten to know well and others unfortunately only briefly, because of circumstance. To me they are much more the adventure in life than say the latest box office hit, not the mainstream in life, but more of a curiosity in how they think. It's one of the main reasons I love to teach. Figuring out why a student thinks in a particular way and then teaching to their way of thinking, finding those teachable moments, well to me that's real teaching

Howard though is one that I have learned more than a lesson from. We celebrated Howard's 90th birthday last June at the gym and he is quite the character! He'll hold on to my shoulder for balance sometimes (we both have terrible balance) and tell me 'Well this is GOOD music I feel like dancing!' I asked him does he still dance and he says he sure does....taught all my daughters to dance. You know when they were little they would come up and give me a great big hug and ask 'Daddy do you love me the most?' I told them 'I ordered boys!'
I laughed and told him 'Well God knew what you needed'
His reply: 'Young lady we're gonna have a discussion you and I, about God next week!'
Secretly I hoped he would, but he's a busy man and I know he's teasing:)

Howard holds degrees from Yale University and Yale Divinity School, and honorary doctorates from Ohio University and Salem College in West Virginia. He was ordained in the Methodist church in 1940 and most of his written works are theological and are (surprisingly to me) used in seminary schools of the Greek Orthodox Church. More recently he's signed a 20 year contract with a publishing house, yesterday I finally obtained his book Albert Camus and the Minister, which I hope he'll autograph for me. It's a genuine exchange between them over the deepest questions in life, conversations with Camus and his exploration of the Christian faith.

Jesus said: I am the God Shepherd. I know my own and my own know me.
- John 10:14 (NRSV)
Here are these rare people in my life and each one of them have a life of his or her own, things that make them human. Yet Jesus knows each one of them by name and blesses my life with their paths.