Received my evaluation report from the tests I took March 27, 2000. The results were not surprising but somewhat discouraging Validity suspect it says, but I don't know yet what that means. Investigative, artistic were indentified as areas of interest.A score within 40th-60th percentile is considered average in comparison to the norm group. Academic assessment produced results that are inconsistant with my level of education. They suggest it's possible difficulties with concentration, short-term recall and/or the use of inference. No surprise there for me. Abstrct reasoning scores were the highest in the 90th percentile range , as well as the Computer Operator Aptitude Battery Assesment in the the 90th percentile. This was a complete surprise and appears incongurent with the rest of the test results I think. The recommendation is for a neuropsychological evaluation for assessment of cognitive functions, attention, memory, and the ability to make abstractions. Great! Finaly some sense here. No doctor has ever done so much as a neurological exam or test since the prolactinoma was diagnosed. Gee you think all those hormones runnning rampant in my body could affect my cognitive abilities?

It is a disease that will be with me to the end of my life. I have no control over this part of my mind. It is like losing the use of one's legs. It is as if my legs are a part of my body, but I no longer can control them.

I fight this disabilty's grip on me, but I do not fight God and it cannot touch the breath of God that is in me. Every day is a new battle to hang on to my relationship with God through Jesus Christ. I think of this relationship as a privilege, given but not deserved.

I see mysef as a person who does not seem to fit in,and I tell myself , There is Christ among the thorns. Christ always blesses me when he is recognized, especially among the thorns of this world. Gifts of self-acceptance and love are a part of Christ's love.

Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness but will have the light of life.
-John 8:12 (NRSV)