Happy Birthday lioncub !! and Congratulations Cid Highwind on getting to the next level!!!

Busy day today....went back to the gym this morning for my Wellness Check. The good news is that they did have my records from March 99 and even better lot's of progress made since then! To date:

Weight loss - 27 lbs
Inches lost - 22"
Body fat dropped by 4.3% putting me in the good range(woohoo!)
Treadmill test went from 141 beats per minute at 3 mph for 5 minutes to 120 beats per minute at 3 mph for 5 minutes.
Life is good!
Flexiblity is still in the poor range so I have some work to do and she wants me to increase my protien in my diet to gain more lean muscle. New knowledge is that my body metabolizes differently after having been imobile for so long. Even though I've been working at this for over a year, it's still going to take a while because they didn't do therapy while I was sick.

Called and told my counselor at rehab that I would like to apply for a job as an Airline Reservationist. He's sending me a list of Job Developement companies for me to choose from. The last job I tried was a disaster. No one really understood what my problems were and I have no skills as to how to solve them in the workplace. Their job is to explain to my employer what help I may need to do the job, as well as helping me with problem solving strategies. Number Two Son and I went down to the High School and registered. He seems happy with the classes he's in. He'll be taking Global Studies, Biology, Art 1-2, Algebra 3-4,and Business Tech (computers).

Tonight's sunset was colorfully glorious, so many yellows and rose pinks, with different shades of grey clouds floating across the face of the sun as it went down. As I walked I recalled these things written by Lamed-Ah-Zohar

~"Thought is simply this: It is the clothing that you, through belief, put upon events...events have occured, that's just how it is, but you absolutely have a choice as to how you see the event, how you clothe it....you can alter how it is impressed upon your mind...We can decide how an event will effect us....We are the dark titan who, when destroyed, returns from the bloody foam as beauty made manifest~

Catharsis and the Cloth of Echoes

Throughout my childhood my family moved often, uprooted as many as three or four times a year. The pain of losing friendships still affects me today, I treasure them.....afraid they'll disappear. There was, however, a place I could count on staying the same: my grandparents' home.

A home built by my grandparents and their neighbors it sits in a small cove in the midst of miles of farmland. Each time I visited them I came home to things just as I remembered them. As we would come to sit at the table for a meal, Grandfather would read (what seemed like forever) a chapter from the Bible while the smells of Grandmother's meal watered our mouths. Then Grandmother would say the blessing and we could eat. The constancy of their home was something I counted on; it was always there, providing a haven of love and belonging.

Lord you have been our dwelling place in all generations.
-Psalm 90:1 (NRSV)