April was my last day log, oh it has been a long time dear readers and so much has happened, July has been remarkable. Virtual communities spring up and disappear quickly and there is a certain lack of commitment among virtual friendships from my experience compared to those I meet face to face in my daily life. So it was delightful to have thefez stop here and take the time to meet me and my family. We spent an all too brief day together visiting a cave, learning about saguaros, an impromptu monsoon, and a pleasant evening walk. I babbled on a lot about desert flora and fauna, these wild lands still amaze me and I wanted to share. Jane was there right along with us because I had just the week before sent her my notebook filled with spring flowers from the Sonora Desert; I had watched carefully on my daily walks for the right moment to pick them. I mailed off jp's h2g2 book to Devon_Hart as well. It was great to see all the pictures thefez brought along and put faces with names. Funny how the ties that bind us come about...Number Two Son has become a big fan of Douglas Adams and is currently writing a paper about Ford Prefect over the summer for Honors English.

We celebrated the 4th of July with a cookout lunch and the guys wondered if the cake we had was for my birthday too. I said I never expect a birthday cake, to which my husband replied:
Hear that boys were off the hook for the birthday cake! woo hoo!
Ah well they did get me a cake and electric clippers for the yard, Number One Son was under the impression for a while that I did want a chain saw oh my!

The 4th was spectacular. Number Two Son has been asking me for the past few years to climb up on the roof and watch the fireworks from there and this year I found the courage to do that! He held the ladder still and waited patiently while I waited frozen for a few moments before taking that last step onto the roof. Under a nearly full moon with lightening on the horizon and several fireworks on display it was a marvelous time to spend with him.

As thefez was out at a coffee shop writing past dark whilst the mother in me worried about how faded he seemed. I set out pillows and a blanket for him to use. A sleeping bag would be his bed and these thoughts came to mind. We should find out the meaning of our effort before we attain something, I read once upon a time. It is not after enlightenment that we find true meaning, the trying to do something that is the enlightenment. I thought about the greate many times my sons and friends played camp out in the living room building tents out of couches of cushions and blanketed walls only to have them tumble falling giggling crashing through followed by friends and more that a dog or two in tow. I pondered what their efforts at play meant in preparing them for life and how will they find meaning in theirs. I hope they have a venturesome spirit and the desire to risk sharing that with others they meet along the road in life; to be foot loose and heart free.....it was the 111ยบ the day fez left and I worried about the heat. He says driving across the desert with the wind in his face was rad. I laughed and the friend in me thought yea you're right fezzy! Sometimes we insulate ourselves from the real world, but by living intensely our joys are magnified, and our frustrations and sadnesses fewer and more meaningful. Set in the context of our more significant lives, it's as if whatever we mean by success, establishes a force field within which everything counts, everything matters, simply because it has happened to us. That when we realize that home and family are we all, then we have a real reason to love our lives.

See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the desert and streams in the wasteland.
~Isaiah 43:19 (NIV)