Went through some old nodes updates and requested Title Edits. The E2 Copyright Violations concerns have motivated me to sift through my old nodes. It's been too much fun here and I wouldn't want the guys to get in trouble here.
(Now if I can only get moJoe to quit whispering naughty boy fantasies to me in the /msg box!)

Requested to delete:
Noises That Defy Laws of Physics
*shamefully confesses*
More to come as I can recall and find them.

They were boring

Motivation- intrinsic/extrinsic
Chesapeake - By James A. Michener
oi *slaps her wrist* Dreaded namespacing!!
Consolidated for your reading pleasure!

What is your favorite album?
because it's a getting to know you node
....and the only one with a negative vote on the whole page ya bunch of ageists!!

Still darn hot here. Number One Son had a dentist appointment and had to walk down to Number One Son's place of employment. It was 107ºF when I left at 2:00 pm. Made it in time to the orthodontist, but the car overheated when I got home. It's still dying on the road, guess it wasn't the fuel pump after all. The weatherman says a slight chance of rain tomorrow. I hope so. This morning woke up with heat sickness again, I don't want to quit my walks, but skipped gym to rest my body.

I cling to you, and your hand keeps me safe.
-Psalm 63:8 (TEV)