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Well school will be starting up again soon. Registration packet for High School came in the mail for Number Two Son.

More upsetting is Number One Son blew off college orienation in June. I'm out $165.00 and he has to reregister. Be patient with him I tell myself, yet I was up all night angry about the whole thing. I usually don't give lectures of death but I came close to it this time. He seems more interested in spending his High School graduation money on getting a car. I have explained to him that they gave him that money for his college education.....then it's Should I apply for this credit card?, I called about the Camero in the paper, and oh I want $300.00 from you guys for my graduation gift, I can get this pick up truck I saw along side the road if you do that. ~~~ What is up with him????~~~

On my walk last night the sky was beautiful a chameleon sky as hamster bong here once wrote so beautifully about:

chameleon sky, with
your changing light
you caress my eyes
so thoughtfully

i lose sight of you, in the afternoon
but always, the evening draws me back
to you, to the beautiful sunset
slip from blue to pink with such ease

rivalled only by the
deep green of a sea
or the intense blue ocean
the one in my dreams

...I saw it last night.
It was lemon and mango orange, dark clouds mottled the sky, a rainbow shooting across the full moon glowing just before sunset. Like a celestial party to celebrate the end of another day
I passed a dead dove on the road (not too bright the doves are around here, they stay in the road till the last minute and some get hit by cars). I turned around and as I was passing it on the way back some guy in a low rider looked at me and deliberately ran over it's poor dead body only to watch the expression on my face. Hell has a place for people like him if hell will have him. We have had a lot of vandalism in the neighborhood....cruel things. A lost cat was advertized and someone called the owner saying they found it,left their address and said please return my call at this number ....excited and hopeful the owner of the cat called only to find out it was a prank. We had a neighbor not long ago that was discovered trapping the neighbors cats using transmission fliud as bait in a cage. Only to take the cage and plunge the haplless creatures into a full bathtub and drown them. Why are people so monstrous?

Trust in the Lord. Have faith, do not despair. Trust in the Lord.
- Psalm 27:14 (TEV)