~Fleeing down the linoleum aisle, they were after me. Rows and rows of computers burst violently shooting great flames of blood that sluiced and streamed surging lava like after me as if it had a life of it's own. Hiding in the darkness of the stairwell all sudden-like a small girls body slammed into my side with such great force. Her arms around me instinctively hugging each other in tremendous fear. We crept up and breathlessly peering between the steps from behind the staircase for the pursuers. Catching her hand I pulled her along then thrust her protectively forward down the stairs. Inky darkness and fear swallowed us. Bolting through the restaurant I recoginsed the lady with the perky nose and the middle aged gent with owl-like spectacles. We jumped into the car only to, ram, run, and plunge into the side of a tremendous sinkhole. Looking through my purse for idenification someone had put a card in there that said I was a lap dancer at a near by establishement. Desperatly glancing behind me, all my friends were gone...no one could vouch for me...that this was a lie! I'm a teacher Cuffed at the wrists, they led me back into the resaturant. The perky nosed lady sneered and spat,
I knew it all along!! while the bespectacled man hastily shoved his face in the menu and pretended not to know me.

~Remodeling the school Mr. Hood gave me some folding curtains to take home. Terry took her wallet out to show off pictures of her kids when they were toddlers. Out they sprang like holograms, impish with faces like Bajorans they danced around cherubically. I wished I had spent the money to get holographic pictures taken of my boys when they were small.