~Resting my chin glumly on the desktop the small white-haired gorilla came up behind me and put her arms around me placing a soft kiss on my cheek. Smiling and feeling much better. aha! the answer to my problem was
Ø = loquita

~ In the parking garage, making a low heavy rolling sound the train drew closer and closer. Looking up there were no tracks. I contemplated helplessly when the engineer cast out a section of track on a large cable from the cow catcher, tailor-made for the missing part and passed safely overhead. After that I left for the party where nobdy knew me.

~St Joseph's had moved their school into townhouses. The faculty meeting was in the activity center. I asked Mrs. Kwader the principal why we didn't have morning prayers and announcements anymore. It made my day go a lot smoother when I knew what was going on. Bette Midler walked through the kitchen area a band for a tube top barely covered her breasts. I was shocked they would let her step into a classroom like that! I wondered why they kept me around as a teacher because I didn't do much of anything anymore. While I was helping the two third grade teaching partners move, they raised the platfom under the kitchen table awkwardly three inches too high and discovered a rotten board in the steps under the staircase. Preturbed the handyman said to ignore his $330.00 bill when it arrived.