~Tiny scraps of yellow lined paper phrases written all over them, words crafted in simplicity, ingenuous and unstudied they were cast about the room, pasted to the wall unpuzzled. It was me who had written the words and I was envious.

~Katherine lounged on the couch and looked at me with derision. She loved running people over who got in her way and I was always the first in line......telling me what I should and ought to say ....trying to manipulate and elicit guilt. I had had enough and told her I was human and the only thing I SHOULD be doing around here is making mistakes.

~Then I see a purple and yellow chicken walk through the living room

"He brought a chicken with him!" I tell my husband.
A skunk, a big blonde cocker spaniel-sort of skunk, walks through.

"He brought a chicken AND a skunk??!!" I laugh.